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is pretty much what it says...

it's just about bicycle touring on a recumbent tricycle (trike)


My Greenspeed trike - a GT3 model

for better or worse much of the touring stuff here is pretty much of historical interest only as many of the places I liked to ride are off-limits to most of us these days, but if you want, just  



But it's not good for a cyclist to be lost is it?   So, before you jump in, below there's a road-map of this site.



Everything you wanted to know about riding feet first...

  º My trikes:   a Greenspeed GT3 and an ICE Adventure FS
  º FAQ:   the questions everyone asks about riding a trike



Information about my tours - in Australia and a heap of other places, like Algeria, France, Iran, Eritrea, Libya, Syria and Yemen. And across Europe on the amazing EuroVelo 6 as well

For a full list of places I've been check the   site map

Each tour is (usually) described in two parts:

  º Nitty gritty:   stuff about organising a tour - visas, roads, money and so-on
  º Stories:   just bits and pieces from my journal

Of course, the 'nitty gritty' info is highly perishable and so may no longer be relevant - use with care as they say...

There's a photo gallery too, mostly my own photos - of variable quality!


left overs

All the bits + pieces that don't fit anywhere else, including the obligatory links page

  º Bookshelf:   stuff to read before, during and after a tour
  º Links:   the unavoidable page of web links
  º Search:   search this site
  º Site Map:   just in case you can't find what's where


The home page link will take you to the inevitable stuff about me and more...

  º About:   about the site and something about me
  º What's new?:   what has been added, fixed, upgraded


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